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California Sports Surfaces

Founded in 1953, California Sports Surfaces started with a small team with a passion for advancing current sports surface technology. Their innovative engineers invented a durable, more comfortable surface platform that promotes more fluid gameplay while enhancing athletic performance. Today the California Sports Surfaces brand leads the industry with their exclusive technology advancements, evolving the gameplay of a wide variety of professional sports.

CSS is the surface of multiple Olympic Games as well as other world-renowned events, including the China Open, the Shanghai Masters 
and the US Open from 1978 to 2019 and the Australian Open from 1988
to 2018. 

For whatever purpose — professional, college, recreational or even residential — our sports surface brands deliver enhanced surface technology with applications that involve all facets of sports and recreation.

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DecoTurf® low-maintenance tennis court surfaces – the official surface of the US Open from 1978 to 2019 – can be formulated to meet the requirements of players at any level, classified by the ITF’s pace rating system.

Learn more about DecoTurf®.


Meet the industry leader of athletic surfacing systems. Since 1953, Plexipave has been the original sports surface brand of choice for many high-profile events, including the Australian Open from 2008 to 2019, the BNP Paribas Open and many others. From tennis and netball courts to multi-purpose sports, we offer a wide range of unique, decorative solutions that will enhance the quality of your project in every way.

Learn more about Plexipave®.

CoolTop® Cool Pigment Technology

Designed to reduce acrylic sports court surface temperature via solar reflectance so athletes stay cooler, play longer.

  • With solar reflective ratings 20-30% higher than standard court coatings, our CoolTop coatings will retain less heat and help reduce the temperature of your court. Temperature reductions will vary depending on location, court colour and site conditions.
  • Reduces the impact of heat islands and banks, which can develop at large multicourt sports facilities.
  • A new range of colors developed specifically to maximize surface heat rejection, whilst offering an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • No compromise. Surface speed performance and long-term durability match California Sports Surfaces' quality standards.

Learn more about CoolTop® Cool Pigment Technology.

Rebound Ace®

Founded in 1977, Rebound Ace® sport surface systems have served the international market for decades with high-profile events such as the ATP tournament, various Davis Cup venues, and the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea. Our sports surface systems are not only safe but applicable to a variety of sports. Netball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal, gymnastics and cricket athletes have all benefited from our award-winning, multi-layered cushion design.

Learn more about Rebound Ace®.

Premier Sports Coatings®

Premier Sports Coatings® provides world-class performance coatings for residential courts, clubs, colleges, and universities. However, they are also designed to meet the rigorous requirements of municipalities and other recreational facilities.

Learn more about Premier Sports Coatings®.


Plexitrac® creates advanced track surfacing systems designed to provide runners with the highest levels of surface performance for competition, and cushioning for safe training.  Our track surfacing systems are made with proprietary polyresin binders and strike the perfect balance between the dynamic response needed for running performance and cushioning appropriate for athlete safety.

Learn more about Plexitrac®.

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